House System

Once enrolled at Maur Hill - Mount Academy, you will be welcomed into your "House," with which you will remain throughout your time here. A House is a diverse community of students from all grades and varying 背景 and nationalities.

Houses Strengthen the School Community

Our student-led Houses exist to strengthen the school community by fostering opportunities to form new bonds with peers and faculty, nourish spiritual growth, provide students with leadership roles, and engage students in school and 活动. 

The Four Houses

We evenly distribute the student body into four Houses: St. 盖伯瑞尔, St. 乔治,圣. Mother Teresa, and St. 塞巴斯蒂安。. 

Here are a few features and benefits of our House system:

  • It evenly distributes the student body into four Houses, each representative of the school community.
  • The system welcomes new students and fosters a positive school environment with student role models.
  • It provides leadership opportunities. Structured similarly to a student council, students apply to be House and Family leaders, and faculty provide support and guidance.
  • Houses plan and organize a selection of events, competitions, school dances, 群众, fundraisers, community service, 和更多的.

House Points

House members learn to work together to earn points throughout the year and win monthly competitions. The number of points a House earns each month is determined by multiple factors, all of which require student participation. We award House points based on personal contributions, 学者, 行为, 慈善机构, and for winning monthly contests.


学生 have opportunities to earn points throughout each month by competing in various intellectual, 运动, 艺术, and other competitions. The House with the highest point total at the end of the school year is awarded the 学院杯 and participates in a special trip. 去年, the winning House received a free day off from school and traveled to a popular amusement park in Kansas City.

Family Time

A House is divided into three families. These families help to further establish close connections between students from different grades, 活动, 背景, and interests. Families welcome new students into the school and immediately give them a place to belong. Here are a few of the features and benefits of House families.

  • Each family has 15 students, a student leader, and a faculty adviser. They meet four days a week.
  • Activities include academic review, goal setting, discussing current events, and much more.
  • Families help to maintain balanced representation in the House.
  • 教师 advisers advocate for students beyond the classroom.